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Steam Turbines 2nd Edition

SKU: 007150821X
Weight: 5 lbs
This book replaces 0070059241 'A Practical Guide to Steam Turbine Technology' The latest design and manufacturing details in mechanical drive steam turbines. Authors: Heinz P. Bloch, Murari Singh, Hardcover- 414 pages, Steam Turbines 2nd Edition. More details...
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Price: $100.00
Steam Turbines 2nd Edition
Steam Turbines 2nd Edition
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Product Details
Steam Turbines shows how to select, improve, operate, and maintain high-quality mechanical drive steam turbines-with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.  A complete sourcebook, Steam Turbines delivers the expertise required to capitalize on the latest steam turbine and intermediate transmission unit innovations and improve a plant's efficiency, availability, and profitability.
This book titled 'Steam Turbines' covers variable speed drives and intermediate gearing used for major process machinery and cogeneration drives with completely updated content.  Arrangement, material composition, and basic physical laws governing design of steam turbines. How to select optimum configurations, controls, and components. Options and ways to upgrade existing steam turbines.  Here is a outline of the topics.
Turbine Casing and Major Stationary Components 
Bearings for Mechanical Drive Turbines 
Rotors for Impulse Turbines 
Rotors for Reaction Turbines 
Turbine Blade Design Overview 
Turbine Auxiliaries 
Governors and Control Systems 
Couplings and Coupling Considerations 
Rotor Dynamics Technology 
Campbell, Goodman, and SAFE Diagrams for Steam Turbine Blades 
Reaction vs. Impulse Type Steam Turbines 
Transmission Elements for High-Speed Turbo-machinery 
Shortcut Graphical Methods of Turbine Selection 
Elliott Shortcut Selection Method for Multivalve, Multistage Turbines 
Rerates, Upgrades, and Modifications
This book titled 'Steam Turbines', 2nd edition offers authoritative information on the operating characteristics, design features, reliability, and maintenance of all steam turbines.


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