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Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems 4th Edition

SKU: 007145828X
Weight: 5 lbs
This book explains it all, from a history of this type of roof, to various materials used, what to watch for, how to write specifications, and problems that might occur in the design or construction phases. Authors: CW Griffen & RL Fricklas, Hardcover - 598 pages, Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems 4th Edition. More details...
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Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems 4th Edition
Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems 4th Edition
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Product Details
For decades, this manual has been the most widely respected guide to designing and specifying low slope roof systems. It remains unique the only working handbook that treats all topics in roof design, from fundamentals to roof systems and materials options.

This fourth edition covers major advances in design and materials, as well as changes in building codes. It gets you up to speed on roof system performance, emerging materials, drainage, wind uplift, vapor control, fire resistance, thermal insulation, reroofing, and much more. You'll even find field-tested solutions for such problems as lap-seam failures, membrane shrinkage, and fastener backout. Covering all major types of flat, multi-ply, low-slope roofing systems for commercial and industrial facilities, this definitive text also updates you on new procedures in inspection and maintenance.
This book titled 'Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems' is a great book for architects, roof designers, roof consultants, contractors, spec writers, attorneys, and materials manufacturers. Here is a outline of the topics.
The Roof as a System 
Draining the Roof 
Structural Deck 
Thermal Design 
Vapor Control 
Wind Uplift 
Fire Resistance 
Historical Background of Contemporary Roof Systems 
Elements of Built-up Membranes 
Modified-Bitumen Membranes 
Elastomeric Membranes 
Weldable Thermoplastics 
Protected Membrane Roofs and Waterproofed Decks 
Sprayed Polyurethane 
Metal Roof Systems 
Field Inspections 
Reroofing and Repair 
Roof-System Specifications 
Roofing Guarantees and Warranties
'Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems,' 4th edition also includes roof it right, roof failure causes in depth, roof design fundamentals and flourishes, new technologies and materials, comprehensive coverage of all major roofing systems, specifications, inspection, and maintenance tools for roofing work.

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