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Terms; Pre-Payments

Paying for your Book(s)

We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
We accept wire transfers
We accept checks and money orders
We reserve the right to complete the order when funds are settled.
AIS Engineering Books does not store or collect your credit card information.

Our Guarantee is to securely protect your credit card                We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Book Refunds & Book Returns

We'll be glad to refund your book order if you:

  • Return new books in their original brand new condition as follows:
    • Unsoiled, unstained, binding not exercised or opened
    • The book cannot be even slightly used or damaged or showing signs of any usage
    • No cosmetic defects that can affect the resale of a new book
    • Return within 30 days of delivery date [Refunds Not Allowed After 30-days]
    • Include your receipt (packing slip) and completed returns (RMA) email notice
    • 25% Re-stock Fee of the Total - Book Order and the returned order must be in Pristine/Excellent Condition (never opened) - Shipping charges are not refundable.
    • In place of the 25% Re-stock fee we will give you reward points towards another book
    • International Orders must ship books back at owners expense due to the high-cost of shipping
When return books are not returned in pristine-perfect condition, they have no value other than a 'Used Book.'  We will be glad to provide a fair market value for the book.

When Books are returned with signs or evidence of less than pristine-perfect condition
  • 60% Re-stock Fee - Book is in Very-Good Condition (shows no usage anywhere)
  • 80% Re-stock Fee - Good Condition (has one or more stains or marking, binding worn showing usage)
  • 95% Re-stock Fee - Book is in Poor Condition (Torn Pages etcetera) 
  • Shipping charges are not refundable
  • Bulk or large orders are not refundable [5-books or more]

Special Notes:

Code books cannot be returned after 30-days of delivery date. The code book must be in original brand new condition and that means no soiled pages or covering and no pen or pencil markings or any other marking in the pages. The code book must be returned for examination by the publisher and this bookstore. Go to your account and view your order and request an RMA (return authorization).

Canceled book orders or miscellaneous transactions (book orders) that require a credit or debit to your credit card will require you to submit your credit card information again so refunds can be credited to your account or additional charge can be placed on your account to full fill your wishes.


Experience has shown us that we cannot ship by Postal Services since the packages CANNOT be tracked once your book order leaves the United States.  We ship only by UPS to track your order anywhere on the world where they deliver. 

Shipping Time

    • First-day or Pick-up day does not count as a ship day
    • Shipping does not start until after the credit card funds are deposited and for protection against fraudulent usage of credit cards
    • When your book order is "Processed" [log in to your account or received by email] then your book order goes to warehouse to ship your order

Ship Related Fees

  • You are responsible for your customs (import duty) fee
  • You customs fee must be paid to your government before delivery at your location
  • We do not include custom and duty fees because destination countries are all different
  • Custom or Duty Fees must be paid by the buyer of the book(s) when they are delivered and not when the book(s) are shipped
  • Shipping charges are not refundable

Ship by:

UPS Ground and Standard to Canada
UPS International: Worldwide Expediting

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