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AIS Engineering Books—the little bookstore that could...Hi My Name is Smokey and welcome to my AIS Engineering Bookstore...the little bookstore that could.

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Little Smokey's Bookstore Shop is AIS Engineering Books Inc. and at Little Smokey's Bookshop we love the feel and texture of real books.  We might be a little old school.  We want to share a better experience with old time bookstore atmosphere. We are new at selling engineering books on a website, but we believe in reasonably good service with good pricing. Engineering books are not for every one, but if you love engineering or have a desire to understand the world from an engineer's perspective shop our bookstore.

Have you every noticed that when you want a book there just is not enough information to feel good about your decision. We have noticed that too, so in our engineering bookstore we have devised a three-star rating system. This is based on reading the book and since we have training experience we understand what books will work and what books will not work for skill level.

We encourage you to contact us if you want a book that is not listed. Finally, if you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The physical bookstore hours are 11-AM to 3-PM Eastern time Monday thru Friday, but our online store is open 24-hours a day so your book orders will be filled promptly.

If you have an engineering book you would like to sell in our bookstore please contact us.

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